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ADAS Subroutine a8slv2

       subroutine a8slv2( itype, x0  , sig0 , xk  , sigk , xn  , sign ,
     &                    s    , f1  , f2   , f3  , b    , bp  , ifail
     &                  )
c  ********************* fortran77 subroutine a8slv2 *******************
c  purpose: to find the approximate form parameters for a neutral atoms
c  calling program:  adas108.for
c  input:
c            (i*4)  itype    = type of transition (1=dipole,2=non-dipole
c                              non-spin change, 3=spin change, 4=null)
c            (r*8)  x0       = x-parameter at first energy point n
c            (r*8)  sig0     = collisions strength at first energy pt. n 
c            (r*8)  xk       = x-parameter at matching point k
c            (r*8)  sigk     = collisions strength at matching point k
c            (r*8)  xn       = x-parameter at last energy point n
c            (r*8)  sign     = collisions strength at last energy pt. n 
c            (r*8)  s        = line strength for type 1 case 
c            (i*4)  ifail    = failure code  on entry (ifail=0 two point
c                              fit, ifail=-1 one point fit)
c  output: 
c            (r*8)  f1       = threshold form parameter
c            (r*8)  f2       = asymptotic form parameter
c            (r*8)  f3       = asymptotic form parameter
c            (r*8)  b        = threshold form parameter
c            (r*8)  bp       = matching parameter
c            (i*4)  ifail    = failure code  on exit 
c                             (ifail=0 successful two point fit
c                              ifail=1 converted to one point fit)
c  routines: 
c             a8slvf	adas	solves for asymptotic parms f2 and f3
c  author:   Hugh Summers, University of Strathclyde ext.4196
c  version 1.1                             date:     16/06/99
c  modified: Hugh Summers
c		- first release
      INTEGER             IFAIL,       ITYPE
      REAL*8              B,           BP,          F1,          F2
      REAL*8              F3,          S,           SIG0,        SIGK
      REAL*8              SIGN,        X0,          XK,          XN
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