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ADAS Subroutine h4gasy

       subroutine h4gasy( istdim  ,
     &                    x       , dx     ,
     &                    form    , iforms , iends
     &                   )                        
c  **************** fortran77 subroutine: h4gasy.for *******************
c  purpose: initialises common arrays required for splining with
c           smooth fitting to an asymptotic form
c  calling program: various
c  notes: (1) uses labelled common  /espl3/
c         (2) common /espl3/ is set by this routine
c         (3) conditions at 1st & nth nodes controlled by iend1 & iendn    
c           iend = 1 : specified d log(y) ie. dy/y at node stored in 
c                    appropriate vector
c                = 2 : zero curvature                                          
c                = 3 : constant curvature                                      
c                = 4 : matched to specified functional form in terms of        
c                      two parameters a and b such that                        
c                        funct = p(1)*a+q(1)*b                          
c                        1st deriv. = p(2)*a+q(2)*b                          
c                        2nd deriv. = p(3)*a+q(3)*b    
c                        where a1,b1,p1,q1 are used for 1st node and     
c                        an,bn,pn,qn for nth node        
c         (4) if iends=1,matching is at first knot(given by x)     
c                     =2,matching is at  last knot(given by x)       
c             asymptotic forms are given in external function form(i,x)        
c             where i=4*iforms-5+2*iends points to 1st part of asymp. form 
c                    =4*iforms-4+2*iends points to 2nd part of asymp. form   
c             thus a series of asymptotic forms may be present in form    
c  input : (i*4)  istdim  = dimensionality for splining arrays
c  input : (i*4)  n       = number of knots
c      common /espl3/ provides input in vector iend which specifies
c                     choice of end condition at first iend(1) or last
c                     iend(2) knot of spline
c  input : (r*8)  x       = x-value of end point
c  input : (r*8)  dx      = displacement from x-value for 
c                           derivative evaluation
c  input : (r*8)  form    = external function specifying asymptotic forms
c  input : (i*4)  iforms  = selected form
c  input : (i*4)  iends   = 1,matching is at first knot(given by x)
c                         = 2,matching is at  last knot(given by x)  
c  routines:
c          routine    source    brief description
c          -------------------------------------------------------------
c          i4unit     adas      fetch unit number for output of messages
c  author:  Hugh P. Summers, University of Strathclyde
c           JA7.08
c           Tel.: +44 (0)141-548-4196
c  date:    24 July 2002
c  version: 1.1   Hugh Summers  24/07/02
c  modified:      first release
      INTEGER             IENDS,       IFORMS,      ISTDIM
      REAL*8              DX,          X
© Copyright 1995-2023 The ADAS Project
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