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ADAS Workshop 2008

Picture of ADAS Workshop 2008 location
Meeting Agenda

ADAS Workshop 2008 Talks

The talks presented at the ADAS Workshop include preliminary and speculative material for the benefit of the members of the ADAS Project and its collaborators. This material should only be used with caution and with the agreement of the author.

Reports from the ADAS consortium

  • K Ikeda: Beam attenuation studies in high temperature plasma at LHD
  • D Coster: Superstage tungsten atomic data in SOLPS
  • R Prakash: A New Method to Calibrate VUV Spectrometer-Detector Systems
  • C Ballance: Overview of the Auburn/Rollins/University of Strathclyde collisional

Evolving interaction of ADAS in European fusion

  • H Summers: ADAS-EU and ADAS evolution
  • T Pütterich: Expected activity at Garching
  • D Thomas: ITER and timescale of atomic and molecular data needs
  • S Brezinsek: Expected activity at FZJ
  • K-D Zastrow: Expected activity at EFDA-JET

Fundamental data and ADAS

  • D Wünderlich: Molecular population modelling
  • N Endstrasser: Absolute partial cross sections and kinetic energy analysis for the electron impact ionization of ethylene
  • I Schnedier: Reactive collisions between electrons and molecular ions: H2+, CH+ and isotopomers of fusion interest
  • I Beigman: ATOM: calculating fundamental atomic data
  • K Igenbergs: Collisions of Be4+ and hydrogen
  • E Biémont: Atomic structure investigations of heavy atoms and ions

Observational and modelling anomalies

  • A Pospieszczyk: Carbon and argon S/XB coefficients do not quite fit
  • C Michael: Relevance of atomic population data to the MSE diagnostic on MAST
  • D Borodin: Tracking of metastable states in ERO code: modelling of Be experiments at PISCES-B
  • Rui Ding: ERO modelling of hydrocarbon transport and spectroscopy in the injection experiments at TEXTOR


  • W Biel: Spectroscopy at TEXTOR
  • E DeLabie: Towards a quantitative interpretation of neutral beam slowing down spectra?
  • Joël Rosato: Modelling of spectral line shapes for magnetic fusion plasmas
  • O Marchuk: Population kinetics of highly-excited states of Ar XVIII
  • C Nicholas: Spectral feature synthesis

Astrophysical notices

  • R Smith: International X-ray Observatory
  • A Giunta: Increasing plasma parameter range of DEM analysis
  • Guiyun Liang: APAP: Directions and goals
  • M Witthoeft: K-shell photoionization calculations of the Ca iso-nuclear sequence
  • A Lanzafame: DEM prediction from impulsive heating simulations

New avenues for models, experiments and diagnostics

  • R Neu: Tokamak operation with tungsten
  • A Foster: Tungsten baseline and strategies for improvements
  • I Tolstikhina: Charge exchange in collisions of Hydrogen and Helium with Low-Z Impurities: underlying data for pellet-based active diagnostics of LHD

Atomic data in a connected world

Near and mid term future for ADAS

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