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ADAS Workshop 2018

The 2018 ADAS Workshop (9–11 December) was held at Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany.

ADAS Workshop attendees
Meeting Agenda

ADAS Workshop 2018 Talks

The talks presented at the ADAS Workshop include preliminary and speculative material for the benefit of the members of the ADAS Project and its collaborators. This material should only be used with caution and with the agreement of the author.


  • Dmitriy Borodin : Welcome on behalf of IEK-4, Forschungszentrum Jülich

General reports and new perspectives

  • Oleksandr Marchuk : Atom-atom collisions at plasma surface interface as the most natural mirror laboratory and application for ITER
  • Peter Bochsler : Application of ADAS data for diagnostics of the solar wind
  • Diana Naydenkova : COMPASS-upgrade and possible spectroscopic measurements
  • Adam Foster : Atomic Data requirements for upcoming X-ray missions
  • Martin O'Mullane : Intermediate coupling GCR population model

Molecules and Tungsten

  • Ewa Pawelec : Molecular bands in JET plasma - modelling and experimental data
  • Ioan Schneider : Electron-driven reactivity of molecular cations: H2+, BeH+, CH+, ArH+ and He2+
  • Aleksander Drenik : Ammonia formation in N2-seeded discharges at JET and ASDEX Upgrade
  • Stephan Ertmer : High resolving spectroscopy on high Z materials at the linear plasma device PSI-2
  • Alina Eksaeva : Validation of the new MS-resolved ADAS dataset for W by ERO2.0 simulation of spectroscopy at PSI-2 linear plasma device
  • Stuart Loch : Update on atomic data for neutral W for applications in high-Z PFCs

Uncertainty in data and models

  • Kerry Lawson : D and He atomic physics data used in the EDGE2D code
  • Stuart Loch : Assigning uncertainties on fundamental atomic data
  • Simon Preval : Noble-Gas Recombination Rate Coefficients for use in modelling astrophysical, and magnetically confined fusion plasmas
  • Dmitriy Borodin : Atomic and molecular data needed for interpretation of plasma-surface interaction experiments
  • Yang Yang : W and Mo spectroscopy of EBIT relevant to Fusion plasma
  • Karol Koziol : MCDF and CI study of 4d-3p x-ray transitions in Cu- and Ni-like tungsten ions relevant to the diagnostic of high-temperature tokamak plasmas
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