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ADAS Workshop 2017

The 2017 ADAS Workshop will be held 4–5 December, 2017 at Cosener's House in Abingdon.

Cosener's House

It has been many years since we last held the workshop in the UK. We have also changed the date of the workshop because the usual September dates proved increasingly difficult because of conferences and university term times. Hopefully this time will be easier to fit into people's schedules, although the weather in Abingdon December may not be optimal.

TIME AND PLACE: The ADAS Workshop will be held in the Garden Room of The Cosener's House, Abingdon. There will be an informal gathering on Sunday evening (3rd December), the workshop will start at 9am on Monday 4th and finish late afternoon on Tuesday 5th.

ACCOMMODATION: We have reserved some rooms at Cosener's House. They can be booked by contacting the reception at . Rooms may also be booked via various web hotel booking sites. As may attendees visit JET and RAL regularly you may have your own preferred choices in the Abingdon area. Please contact us if you need recommendations.

We will organize a workshop dinner on Monday evening in one of the local restaurants. Unfortunately Cosener's House has a Christmas booking for that evening. We will contact those who have confirmed their attendance soon to make sure that we can reserve a place for our event.

COSTS: There is no registration fee for the workshop.

Hotel and facility costs for ADAS Project steering committee members will be paid by the ADAS Project although if it is possible to be covered by your laboratory, it would help ADAS finances. Other participants will need to pay their own way.

TRAVEL: Participants will need to cover their own travel costs to the meeting.

There is comprehensive information on traveling to the venue at the The Cosener's House website.

VISA AND INVITATION LETTERS: If you need a visa to visit the United Kingdom, or a letter of invitation to attend the workshop, please contact us.

MEETING AGENDA: It is our usual practice to try to have most participants make a presentation so if there is something you would like to present then please let us know. We can adapt the agenda up to the start of the meeting.

We are planning eight sessions split between morning and afternoon.

  1. Overview of spectroscopy for fusion and astrophysics
  2. Emission diagnostics
  3. Accuracy of fundamental atomic physics codes
  4. Influx of heavy species
  5. Overview of spectroscopy for JET and MAST-U
  6. Atomic data for astrophysical diagnostics
  7. Low temperature edge plasma
  8. ADAS matters

A draft agenda for the workshop is now available here.

We see that there are a few "to be confirmed" titles and we will add updates when the speakers let us know. However we would like to emphasize that the meeting is a workshop so such late changes are encouraged.

PROCEEDINGS: The workshop is an informal meeting, which traditionally does not publish its proceedings. Many people like to present material which is not yet ready for a wider audience. However we offer the opportunity to make the talks available on the ADAS website. This is completely at the discretion of the presenter.

For any questions regarding the organization or scientific programme please contact:

Dr. Stuart Henderson
Tel: +44 1235 466887
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