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Implementation of ADAS-EU

ADAS-EU is split into 26 work packages spread across 5 scientific themes and 2 secondary themes.

Each workpackage is further split into a number of tasks. These tasks are assigned to a member of staff and once completed are validated by an ADAS-EU manager.

  • A summary of all tasks arranged by workpackage and theme is available here.
  • A detailed account of the progress is available here.

Quality Assurance

ADAS-EU managers meet at three month intervals for two days to review progress on work packages tasks active in the period. They will assess the quality of data, code and specification documents from completing work packages in the period. The new additions will be added to the ADAS repository and intensively tested. Subject to approval, they will be released at the next opportunity.

ADAS-EU courses

The ADAS-EU course on ADAS and atomic calculations for fusion lasts for two weeks and comprises a set of seven lectures on ADAS, a set of seven lectures on fundamental atomic calculations, a set of four lectures on EXTENDED-ADAS integrated application and a guided orientation of ADAS capabilities to each participant's individual research. The next course is scheduled for Autumn 2009 at FZ-Jülich at a time to be arranged.

The ADAS Workshop

The ADAS Workshop is an annual event for ADAS Project members and interested parties. For further information go to the main ADAS website.

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