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Documentation of ADAS-EU

The work of the Support Action is documented in three areas: management, execution and scientific results.  

Half-yearly scientific activity

Details Document
Jan – Jun 2009science_1
Jul – Dec 2009science_2
Jan – Jun 2010science_3
Jul – Dec 2010science_4
Jan – Jun 2011science_5
Jul – Dec 2011science_6
Jan – Jun 2012science_7
Jul – Dec 2012science_8

Public domain data access

Details Document
OPEN-ADAS version 1.0open_1
Period 2 status reportopen_2
OPEN-ADAS upgradeopen_3

Project management and setup

Details Document
period 1setup_1
period 2setup_2
period 3setup_3

Dissemination activities

Details Document
Jan – Jun 2009dissem_1
Jul 2010 – Dec 2011dissem_2
Jan – Dec 2012dissem_3
Jan – Sep 2013dissem_4

Period science review

Details Document
Jan – Jun 2009review_1
Jul 2010 – Dec 2011review_2
Jan – Dec 2012review_3

ITER diagnostic design

Details Document
Jul 2010 – Dec 2011iter_1
Jan 2012 – Sep 2013iter_2

Electron collision cross sections

Details Document
Jul 2010 – Dec 2011ecwp_1
Jan 2012 – Sep 2013ecwp_2

Sub-contract science

Details Document
S2, S3, S4, S5, S8 resultssubc_1
S1, S2b, S3b, S9 resultssubc_2

Scientific themes: developments and results

Details Document
Charge exchange spectroscopypubl_1
Beam stopping and emission modellingpubl_2
Heavy element spectroscopy and modelspubl_3
Special feature modelling and analysispubl_4
Medium weight element GCR modellingpubl_5
Diatomic spectra and collisional-radiative modellingpubl_6
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