Euroatom FP7

Management: Training, Orientation and Quality Assurance

To maintain the quality of the support and atomic physics delivery from ADAS-EU, a number of mechanisms are required. These are quality assurance measures on data and code packages generated under ADAS-EU, annual training courses on "ADAS and atomic calculations for fusion" for researchers world-wide who wish more intensive training and the annual ADAS Workshop where critical discussion and review of the impact of ADAS and ADAS-EU on fusion research may take place.

Workpackage WP22: ADAS-EU central supervised work

Provision of induction training of new ADAS-EU Research Fellows with ADAS-EU management staff at UKAEA/JET - comprising in-depth ADAS practice, methods and practice of task execution and shadowing of ADAS/ADAS-EU management staff on ADAS/ADAS-EU task execution. 3 day annual recall of each ADAS-EU Research Fellow for training update and in-depth task execution appraisal.

Workpackage WP23: ADAS-EU on-site orientation

6 week visit by ADAS-EU line manager to each placement site of ADAS-EU Research Fellows - overlapping start of placement. Annual update visit by ADAS-EU Research Fellow line manager to each placement site. Visits of duration 3 days.

Workpackage WP24: Task vetting and progress checks

Review of progress by ADAS-EU manages at 3 month intervals throughout the project. The meetings will be at CCFE/JET, of 2 day duration.

Workpackage WP25: Technical specification preparation

Preparation of ADAS-EU Research Fellow post descriptors. Implementation of advertising, ranking, interviews and selection. Negotiation of detailed sub-contract specifications and deliverables with sub-contracting universities.

Workpackage WP26: ADAS-EU primary report assembly

Preparation of a series of periodic reports on the progress of the project for delivery to the Commission. Prepare documentary materials for each Project Review. Prepare (themes 1-4) finalising integrated technical documents for and associated open literature review articles on themes 1, 2, 3 and 4 .

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