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The extensive high quality fundamental and derived atomic data for fusion generated in association with the ADAS Project and in the ADAS databases are a major resource. It is beneficial for this to be in the public domain, freed from the restriction of ADAS membership, as a guided provision. This provision is the core thrust of OPEN-ADAS.

OPEN-ADAS allows for the download of a selected set of ADAS data and associated reading routines for them. OPEN-ADAS started as a joint development between the ADAS Project and the IAEA. Registration is required but all downloads are free.

OPEN-ADAS is one of the primary dissemination methods for the work arising from ADAS-EU to be made available to the public domain.

OPEN-ADAS can be accessed at the following URL:

Feedback about OPEN-ADAS should be done using the provisions made in the site for reporting errors or making suggestions.

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