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Special Features

The theme is concerned with spectroscopy of line groups, called special features, which because of their plasma parameter dependencies have special diagnostic impact. ADAS-EU will support existing special features, such as Zeeman/Paschen-Back split multiplets, characteristic He-like/Li-like soft X-ray resonance / satellite line spectral intervals, spectral series and limits. It will also extend the range of special features available to the analyst. Other work packages will deliver a unifying vehicle for exploiting such features in optimized spectral fitting as well as for providing pedagogical support. The work packages will provide very high precision and comprehensive coverage.

Workpackage WP13: Zeeman feature enabling

Enable user production of a level 1 set of explicit configuration average direct ionisation and excitation/auto-ionisation collisional rate data with Auger branching for complex ions. Enable user production of level 1 explicit state selective dielectronic recombination in the Burgess-Bethe General Program (BBGP) approximation for complex ions. Implement advanced parametric form adjustment for all ions of all elements using explicit data above to lift the baseline. Supply a revised baseline for a set of heavy elements for archiving and release in the ADAS database.

Workpackage WP14: Soft x-ray He/Li-like feature enabling

Creation of special feature files of ADAS adf31 format of the collection of helium-like /lithium-like satellite line emissivities, parametrised by Te/Ne and non-equilibrium ionisation state. The production will be for ITER relevant elements as required for support of planned and current soft X-ray spectroscopy. These data sets include the full collisional-radiative modelling of doubly excited state populations covering both low and high n-shell spectator electron Provision of access routines to the feature files for extraction and display.

Workpackage WP15: Balmer series/limit feature enabling

Provision of the special feature comprising the hydrogen Balmer spectral series, the line merging region to the series limit and the free-bound continuum emission beyond the series limit for use as a multi-parameter edge/divertor plasma diagnostic. Provision of the special feature comprising multi-species Bremsstrahlung continuum as an overlapping associate feature for the diagnostic.

Workpackage WP16: Unified special feature spectral fitting

Release of an integrated computer package for the fitting of spectra, enabled to handle special features and allowing pedagogical predictive display. The package is designed as an interactive system to allow inspection, manipulation and fitting of complex spectra generated in a modular fashion from the underlying ADAS models and data. It utilises a sophisticated visual interface for the assembly of features, parameter definition and constraints. Embedding of these capabilities in the experimental programmes at Euratom Associated Laboratories. Such embedding is a central objective of the ADAS-EU proposals and the preparations for ITER.

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