Euroatom FP7

Dissemination: Releases, Courses and Visits

ADAS-EU is required to provide effective atomic physics support for fusion across Europe. High level support is enabled by placement of ADAS-EU Research Fellows at three Euratom Associated Laboratories. Also ADAS-EU staff have geographical areas of responsibility where support visits will be made as required. At a lower level, access to the fundamental and derived atomic data product of ADAS-EU will be made available to the public domain through OPEN-ADAS. Under amendment 2 to ADAS-EU an extended dissemination programme of up to eight special workshop/advanced traning courses will be presented world-wide during 2013.

Workpackage WP20: ADAS-EU atomic modelling courses

Prepare and deliver four on-site ADAS-EU courses.

Workpackage WP21: ADAS-EU external support visits

Visits by ADAS-EU Research Fellows to external European fusion laboratories, which are not placement sites. 3 visits/annum, of 3 day duration by each ADAS-EU Research Fellow.

Workpackage WP29: ADAS-EU extended dissemination and training

Visits will be made by team of three ADAS-EU staff to up to eight external laboratories, four outside Europe and four in Europe, to present a series of lectures, demonstrations, discussions and training on advanced ADAS capabilities stemming from the ADAS-EU themes.

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